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Drug addiction tends to be difficult to break because they do more to the brain than to induce pleasant feelings. In addition, they bring about distortions to the brain that make it difficult for the user to realize how drugs affect them negatively. Regular willpower can be very hard to obtain for this very reason. It takes qualified experts such as those at our inpatient drug rehab in Akron, OH.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehabilitation isn't a single treatment or process. Instead, it is a collection of treatments offered over an extended period of time. Professionals determine the challenges involved in the treatment of each case, and put custom treatment plans together, one patient at a time. Typically, treatment strategies involve medical, psychiatric, psychological approaches, and counseling for years after. Drug rehab programs last as long as 3 months (minimum), though the maintenance care and counseling that follows can last between 12 months to several years.

According to experts at the leading inpatient drug rehab in Akron, as great as the challenge can be for bringing an addict into rehab, the risk of treatment abandonment at a later point can be even greater. Staying in treatment tends to be one of the greatest predictors of success, and it can be difficult to ensure that patients are committed enough to cooperate for as long as it takes. Depending on the patient and their level of commitment to get clean, one may choose between either outpatient or inpatient treatment.

The Treatment Options

Outpatient rehab treatment is the simpler alternative. The patient lives at home as always, and only comes in for a while each day to accept treatment. The greatest upsides of this option are the cost savings made possible by the lower level of care and supervision involved, plus the absence of disruption to the patient's life. The downside comes in the form of the risks seen with minimal supervision, as relapse can likely occur.

Inpatient addiction treatment in Akron involves comprehensive care and close supervision by our addiction specialists. It comes with greater success rates and tends to be a good idea in some situations, especially if outpatient care hasn't worked.

According to the leading outpatient and inpatient drug rehab in Akron, inpatient care is often the option preferred by those attempting rehab for the first time. Since second attempts tend to come with lower success rates, however, experts believe that it's always a good idea to try the inpatient approach, the most effective of all, first.

While outpatient care offers an easier treatment plan, it tends to work only for those who come in with a great deal of motivation and self-control. In outpatient care, for example, patients may use drugs, ignore the medications offered, and simply lie about their substance use. When an addict given the amount of freedom available in certain outpatient treatment approaches, inpatient care is the only reasonable option to take.

Make the Right Choice

Attending outpatient rehab on a regular basis can be demanding in many ways. The patient needs a support system at home in the form of a family, for example. In cases where the addict has trouble caring for himself, a family member may need to be there at home to arrange for meals, to offer transportation or for a minimal level of supervision. According to the Drug Rehab Centers inpatient rehab in Akron, those who have little support in place are usually far better off at an inpatient treatment facility.

When health conditions exist alongside the addiction, it can make the recovery process particularly challenging, according to the leading inpatient drug rehab in Akron, OH. Research has found that among those who enroll in rehab centers, 2 out of 3 struggle with pre-existing illnesses, whether mental or physical. Not only can such illnesses make life harder for the patient, but they can actually make addiction treatment difficult. This is why our dual diagnosis treatment programs in Akron helps to treat these disorders.

A person struggling with depression, for instance, may find it difficult to find the motivation needed to stay off drugs. A schizophrenic not thinking clearly may decide to abandon treatment. The inpatient addiction treatment in Akron is able to offer effective treatment in complex situations such as these.

In many cases, getting a patient to agree to rehab once can be hard enough. In the interests of making the best possible use of the opportunity available, going with inpatient care usually makes the most sense. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and is interested in participating in an inpatient rehab in Akron, OH, then don't hesitate.

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