Prescription Drug Addiction in Akron, OH

At Akron Drug Rehab Centers, the top prescription drug rehab in Akron, OH, the abuse of prescription drugs is viewed as one of the top health challenges faced by the state of Ohio. At 690 deaths annually (a number that amounts to about two deaths every single day according to statistics released by the CDC in 2015), the state comes in second in the nation for prescription drug overdose fatalities.

As important as it is to help people to avoid the spiral into prescription drug addiction, being there to help those already struggling is vital towards saving their lives.

What is Prescription Drug Addiction?

Opioids, sedatives, and stimulants are prescribed by doctors for legitimate health conditions involving pain, anxiety, insomnia, and attention deficit disorder (ADD). With strong potential for addiction, these drugs quickly create dependence in some patients who possess genetic or other predispositions.

Prescription drugs can be just as harmful as street drugs, and need professional intervention by experts with experience specific to such addictions. Well-respected prescription drug addiction specialists help patients overcome their problems every day at Akron Drug Rehab Centers.

Common Prescription Drugs that are Abused

In 2012, Ohio health regulators put new reforms in place to help tighten up prescription practices. Doctors were required to assess addiction histories and to check fingerprints before prescribing such drugs. Nevertheless, while prescriptions fell by 12%, prescription drug addiction grew by 59% over the next 3 years. Statistics show that while doctors were not prescribing Fentanyl, OxyContin, Percocet, or Vicodin as much as before, a thriving black market drug-trade supplied users with whatever prescription drugs that they wanted.

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Addiction

Research shows that prescription drug addiction is a mental disorder (or better known as, "a disease") and not a matter of personal choice by addicts. Studies have also set out to prove that the best prescription drug treatment programs are ones that use protocols fully aligned with the latest in scientific research. If you have a loved one who struggles with prescription drug addiction, it's important to ensure that the prescription drug treatment center meets the right criteria.

Such scientifically-aligned treatment tends to be difficult to find. For anyone who is interested in the best prescription drug rehab in Akron, OH, then you've certainly headed in the right direction in inquiring about our services at Akron Drug Rehab Centers.

Dual Diagnosis

More often than not, people who become entangled in substance abuse suffer from pre-existing mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety disorder, and pursue substance abuse as a way to deal with their condition. A scientifically managed prescription drug addiction program will always treat underlying mental disorders together with the addiction itself to ensure that the patient doesn't return to drug abuse once rehab concludes. Our rehab, being the top prescription drug rehab in Akron, possesses highly regarded expertise in dual diagnosis treatment.

Our dual diagnosis treatment in Akron is aimed at the individual, and not just at the disease. With both mental health treatment and prescription drug addiction treatment, adopting the scientific approach requires the development of patient-specific treatment protocols. These protocols are sensitive to the spiritual, social, and cultural needs of each individual patient.

Inpatient Care

While outpatient care tends to be more affordable and to come with very little disruption to everyday life for the patient, it also offers less supervision and less effective care. An effective rehab for prescription drug addiction will always include an option for inpatient care. Our prescription drug treatment center offers well-reviewed inpatient care.

Many rehab centers are only equipped to offer minimal treatment, with an aim to bring about easy, demonstrable results. Treatment is concluded once the immediate cravings of addiction pass with detox. Scientific drug rehabilitation, however, requires focus on ongoing care, such as: drug replacement, 12-step programs, psychological evaluations and counseling, family support, mentoring, and other long-term approaches that recognize the depth to which addictions affect the people around them. At our prescription drug rehab center in Akron, OH we absolutely focus on care continuity will do everything in our power to ensure a successful recovery.

Choosing the right prescription drug rehab in Akron, OH, can be difficult, as you must weigh all of the variables. Having said that, we make sure that our patients feel comfortable, safe, and understood. If you or your loved one struggles with prescription drug addiction, it only takes one call. Pick up the phone and call Akron Drug Rehab Centers at (234) 312--4745 to understand how effective scientifically planned prescription drug addiction programs work.


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