Relapse Prevention in Akron, OH

Achieving freedom from drugs and alcohol through detox and the counseling that follows, is a huge victory. At this stage, however, the battle is still far from over. Addiction cannot actually be cured; the cravings and the psychological outlook that draws the recovering addict to repeated drug use becomes a permanent part of their lives. Our drug rehab programs in Akron include long-term management plans intended to prevent relapse. If you plan to enter rehab soon, you need to plan for relapse prevention before you even start. At Akron Drug Rehab Centers, we offer some of the most advanced evidence-based relapse prevention in Akron, and anywhere in the state of Ohio.

What is Relapse Prevention?

An addicted person turns repeatedly to drugs not because he or she is weak, irresponsible or selfish, but because exposure to addictive substances changes the way the brain processes reason. The few minutes of pleasure that accompanies the drug use is all that the mind is able to process. Once an addict passes through detox, the ability to see the bigger picture does return, but is always at risk of disappearing. The problem comes from something called a "trigger"

When the brain experiences emotional extremes of any kind, it creates deep memories rather than just simply feeling those initial emotions. The brain absorbs details of every part of the experience and the environment surrounding the experience. When addicts indulge in drug abuse, memories of that "feel good" pleasure come along with deeply established recollections of the people present at the moment, the location, the smells, the sounds, and so on.

Once the patient overcomes addiction through medical detox and counseling, the physical craving for drugs may disappear; however, these deeply established memories remain. No treatment is able to erase them. Their existence is a challenge because when those memories are triggered, they can quickly activate the cravings that the brain associates them with.

Our drug relapse prevention programs offers comprehensive plans to help equip recovering addicts with the tools that they need to manage triggers that raise the threat of relapse.

Why are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

At Akron Drug Rehab Centers, we have the best resources into developing high-quality drug relapse prevention, Relapse prevention tools utilize specific strategies to establish coping mechanisms to fight against the influence exerted by triggers. These tools are necessary, simply because once triggers are set off, the cravings that soon follow are nearly impossible to resist. A number of advanced tools and techniques exist. You are likely to encounter some of these ideas at our program for relapse prevention in Akron.

Relapse Prevention Programs

The 12-step program is at the core of relapse prevention. One of these steps helps the patient to manage their guilt and shame, which are both powerful challenges to sobriety. Other steps aim at helping the patient take emotional inventory, deal with negative emotions, and build a life plan. Properly implemented 12-step programs can be invaluable to relapse prevention.

Trigger management skills are well-recognized as part of successful drug relapse prevention strategy. Learning to avoid well-known triggers in paramount towards a successful recovery, such as: certain friends, locations, music, stresses, or anything else associated with drug use.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a crucial psychological training approach that helps patients reshape their attitudes. Patients also learn the difference between lapses and relapses. Many recovering addicts will make one small slip, and use it as an excuse to go on to a full-blown relapse, telling themselves that the cause is lost since they failed. It's important to learn that a small slip is no excuse. We utilize all of these tools and more in our programs for relapse prevention in Akron.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare Services

Trigger management, 12-step programs, and CBT are all vital parts of our relapse prevention programs. Some recovering addicts, however, need more assistance. Recovering addicts often need long-term guidance to learn how to live a life of sobriety. Our drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs, offer in-depth relapse prevention aftercare services to address these needs.

From halfway houses to three-quarter houses, sober living facilities offer recovering addicts with different levels of supervision and support. These are living facilities in which trained supervisors offer recovering addicts the structure that they need to keep themselves together and move towards long-term sobriety. With friends, community, a curfew, cleanliness standards, and housekeeping responsibilities to rely on, recovering addicts find a way to ease their way to back into a "normal" life.

A wide range of therapeutic approaches are vital in achieving long-term sobriety. Individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, trauma therapy, and expressive therapy are among the many approaches used for different kinds of recovery needs. Each one of these approaches is vital, and Akron Drug Rehab Centers prescribe multiple therapeutic approaches to recovering addicts.

At Akron Drug Rehab Centers, our experts understand that scientifically, relapse prevention is more than just a quick way out of trouble. Instead, it is about a long-term investment in the process. We are always willing and ready when it comes to investing in our patients. All we need is for you to be willing and ready too. Call us at (234) 312--4745 to learn more about relapse prevention in Akron, OH.


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