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When you struggle with addiction, signing up for treatment at a well-respected rehab center is the best way to get your life back on track. When you research your options, you'll need to choose 1 of the 2 ways to go about accessing treatment — inpatient rehab and/or outpatient rehab. According to the experts at Akron Drug Rehab Centers, when patients consider inpatient addiction treatment in Akron, OH, they are tempted by the comprehensive nature of the treatment offered.

However, in many cases, they may wonder if they should choose outpatient services instead, because they cost much less. It's an important question to answer. Luckily for those struggling with addiction, we have all of those answers.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

When a person suffers from addiction, successful inpatient drug treatment involves a long-term, multi-pronged approach that works on the challenge at multiple levels. In every case, however, treatment starts with detox, the process in which the patient receives medical treatment to overcome early withdrawal symptoms.

The symptoms of withdrawal from substance abuse can be horrific. Among other things, they tend to produce seizures, irregular heart rate, and extreme agitation. Close to 5% of those who attempt drug detox on their own succumb to the withdrawal effects. Even when the effects are not life-threatening, they can be extremely difficult to deal with. Those who fail at rehab once are often unwilling to try a second time because of the fear of withdrawal (getting "dope-sick.")

Considering the extreme nature of the challenges involved, close medical supervision and support around the clock are highly beneficial in nearly every kind of rehab scenario. It can be beneficial in the weeks that follow rehab, as well. It is in this context that inpatient addiction treatment in Akron, OH is often seen as the golden standard in addiction rehabilitation.

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Drug Treatment?

To many patients living in the Ohio area, the benefits of constant care and supervision available in inpatient addiction treatment in Akron appeals on an intuitive level. What they find hard to understand is how they might justify the added expense. In the kind of real-life scenarios that exist for addicts, however, outpatient treatment may actually prove to be more expensive, simply because they tend to fail.

Most people who abuse drugs or alcohol suffer from a dual diagnosis condition. In other words, they suffer from pre-existing psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. in addition to their substance addictions. As hard as addiction can be to overcome, going through the process of inpatient drug treatment with a secondary mental illness can be difficult. Many who attempt the process on an outpatient basis simply lack the support needed, and relapse.

Those who do succeed with outpatient care actually do need to recreate the constant support and supervision available with inpatient drug rehab centers at home. Not only do they need someone to constantly watch over them and help them with strength and courage, they need to often be taken to doctors' appointments, psychological therapy appointments, and so on. Those who aren't able to put together the support that they need at home simply do not do as well. Inpatient care takes away the uncertainties involved in outpatient care. Every patient receives the deepest level of care every time.

The success rates of involved with inpatient drug rehab centers tend to be very encouraging. Considering the extreme difficulties involved in overcoming addiction and the high levels of failure seen, spending on inpatient rehab makes the most sense.

Programs last from 30 days to more than 90 days, depending on the depth of the patients' addiction. With the amount of time available, doctors at inpatient drug rehab centers get to know their patients. With this, they are then are able to put together precise, individualized treatment plans and deploy them with as much personal attention as possible.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Akron, OH -- Make the Right Call

The process of finding the right inpatient drug rehab center for drug and/or alcohol addiction can seem so complex. Fortunately for those suffering from addiction, it doesn't have to be. We at Akron Drug Rehab Centers understanding what you're going through and are here to help every step of the way.

Call us at (234) 312--4745 to discuss inpatient addiction treatment in Akron, OH, and answer all questions that you may have about which treatment plan may be best suited for you. Access to expert knowledge can make all the difference, so don't hesitate to call now.


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